Behavioral Animation

Technologies: Unity, C++, C#

I built this Behavioral Animation framework as part of the Game Design and Development course I took over the summer of 2013.  The goals of the framework were to create the behavioral animation of interactive characters in Unity and become familiar with cross-platform development and interfacing through the use of DLLs. Most of the framework is written in C++ in Visual Studio, and used as a DLL plugin in Unity. I implemented 6 types of individual behaviors (seek, flee, arrival, flee, departure, wander, obstacle avoidance) and 2 types group behaviors (separation and leader following).

It was a particularly challenging assignment because the characters had to move realistically by responding to the given commands with appropriate changes in velocity and torque. It was also difficult to communicate back and forth between the DLL plugin and Unity, but the project allowed me to see how the different pieces in the plugin played an importance in the C# code written in Unity.