Don’t Feed the Squirrels

Technologies: JavaScript, three.js

 This was the project we worked on for my first time attending PennApps.  If you don’t know, PennApps is a 48-hour hackathon that’s hosted at Penn every semester. As a first time attendee, I was surprised to see how much I didn’t know, and this project was a great way to get started with learning some new technologies. It’s a simple 2D platformer game that takes place in College Green at Penn. You’re a Penn squirrel trying to avoid people while attempting to pick up the food on the ground. I worked with two others: all the wonderful artwork was done by Theodora Pajaczkowska, and my other teammate, Max Gilbert, was great at showing us the basics of JavaScript and three.js. I started to learn JavaScript for this project.

You can play the game here.